Rick and Morty: “Mortynight Run” Season 2 Episode 2 Review

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For season two’s second episode, Rick and Morty go on a fairly run-of-the-mill adventure, but the show also unleashes its secret weapon in full force. That weapon, ladies and gentlemen, is Jerry.

“Mortynight Run” syncs its A story and B story better than most comedies ever manage in their entire run. The former has Morty taking charge of a mission and trying to save a telepathic gaseous organism, nicknamed Fart, from the galaxy’s bounty hunters and such. The latter puts Jerry, who tagged along on Morty’s flying lesson with Rick, in a daycare with all the other Jerrys from other dimensions.

As far as Rick and Morty goes, this episode was actually pretty “business as usual,” which ended up being sort of the point. But it’s the perfectly timed cuts to Jerry chatting with other versions of himself and helping them plug in electronics during Rick and Morty’s adventure that make this episode sing.

But Morty’s rebellion against Rick’s sociopathic tendencies felt a bit repetitive of some stuff we saw last season. Still, the ending, where Fart passively mentions cleansing all inferior beings with the rest of his people, forcing Morty to kill him after all the trouble saving him, was perfect. Morty can’t catch a break, which is still a riot to watch.

As we settle into season two, “Mortynight Run” is a fine example of doing something typical to get viewers back in the mindset of the show. Great uses of Jerry definitely bump the episode up a few notches though. Grade: B+

By Matt Dougherty

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