Rick and Morty Season 2 Review: Settling Into the Weird

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Rick and Morty‘s long awaited second season delivered on the laughs and the wacky sci-fi in equal measure, making for a more consistent sophomore year.

This collection of ten episodes is mostly full of strong entries, aside from a few missteps, that only improved upon the show’s winning dynamic. The season was definitely darker in its storytelling, with moments like Rick trying to kill himself and being too drunk to succeed in “Auto Erotic Assimilation,” as well as the grim finale, scattered throughout the season. A lot of the funnier episodes were built by a dark premise as well.

That includes “Total Rickall,” where the family keeps building complex emotional histories with a parasite that spreads by creating memories in a person’s head as another being. It basically results in the family having to kill a bunch of people they think they have important relationships with. That’s some dark stuff, but never at the sacrifice of the laughs. It ended up being the best episode of the season, and maybe the series.

But then there’s also “Interdimensional Cable 2: Tempting Fate,” a sequel to season one’s best episode, “Rixty Minutes,” that fell almost completely flat. It felt like the writers were trying to make it the next “paintball episode” that Community had, except the concept doesn’t work aside from shock value. Nothing in the episode was all that shocking because we already knew what the episode was going to be.

Still, despite these highs and lows, Rick and Morty managed to get some laughs every week while still being unlike anything else on TV. This season definitely didn’t have the same shock value as season one, but it did settle on a pretty reliable formula that continuously churned out quality episodes. But don’t get too comfortable. Based on the finale, season three might change the whole show. Either way, we’ll be along for the ride. Grade: B+

By Matt Dougherty

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