Rick and Morty: “Total Rickall” Season 2 Episode 4 Review

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Oh man, this episode really gave “Rixty Minutes” a run for its money as the best Rick and Morty episode to date.

“Total Rickall” was a classic clip show takedown, without even a B-story to distract us from this inventive and hilarious piece of television. For this entry, the writers and animators outdid themselves. The concept was fairly simple: a parasite keeps inhabiting bodies and creating memories in those around it, using those memories to reproduce. The best example is when the family’s supposed butler is trying to get the family to believe his memories and they flashback to when Morty went to a school with the butler in drag, only to reveal Photography Raptor, who is then present in the, uh, present. The family multiplies and multiplies with crazy characters.

From the instantly iconic Mr. Poopybutthole to Reverse Giraffe (a giraffe with a long body a stubby limbs), these characters were all appropriately wacky creations. The way the episode built from just the normal Uncle Steve to ghosts in jars was hysterical.

As the parasites turn the family against Rick, it’s refreshingly Morty who actually figures everything out; only the beings in the house that you have bad memories of are real. This is how Rick and Morty takes the typically rosy, well-lit nature of sitcoms and their clip shows and reverses it. Reality isn’t always so positive. Rick and Morty may be more ridiculous than any comedy on CBS right now, but its characters are probably more human.

The episode ends with a brilliant bit of bittersweetness, when Beth shoots Mr. Poopybutthole only to see that he’s real, and that there are in fact beings that will never give us a bad memory. Luckily, a post-credits scene shows us that Mr. Poopybutthole survives. I wouldn’t hate if Rick and Morty showed us this weird, inexplicably named, stick of butter thing again here and there. #MrPoopybuttholeForever

“Total Rickall” had everything that makes Rick and Morty great and more. This is the show at its most confident and effective. A hundred years Rick and MortyGrade: A


Some Other Notes:

– Poor Jerry gets his sexuality played with here as he falls in love with a parasite going by Sleepy Gary. Poor, poor Jerry continues to be the show’s secret weapon.

– Amish Cyborg.

– This episode makes a great companion piece to Community‘s “Paradigms of Human Memory,” another Dan Harmon show that shat all over clip shows.

– How on point were those Hulk musical puns?

– I repeat, Amish Cyborg.


By Matt Dougherty

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