Rock of Ages Review: Nothin’ But a Good Time

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Rock of Ages has a lot of flaws, but as long as the music is loud this musical is one not to miss.

Not all musicals are Oscar bait like Chicago or the upcoming Les Miserables. Some are just one hell of a good time. Even though Rock of Ages suffers from a poor script, a tad too long of a running time, and some bad acting from the two leads, it still manages to keep you grinning from start to finish in the best ways possible. The A-list actors are all having a ball here, and that transcends to us brilliantly on screen making for one of the most fun musicals of all time.

If you aren’t a fan of ‘80s rock n’ roll then just skip out on this one. The film caters to those who love the spirit of the music that brought about one of the biggest cultural revolutions in recent times. The music is often loud, which may put off some, but then again you should know what you are getting into from the trailer.

The all star cast that director Adam Shankman has put together here are all around great. Tom Cruise gives a perfectly ridiculous performance here, akin to his role in Tropic Thunder. Catherine Zeta Jones is also clearly having a ball as the rock-hating advocate against the “poison” that the music injects young ones with. Alec Baldwin and Russell Brand have great chemistry together making for a delightfully strange pair of characters. Other stars such as Malin Akerman and Mary J. Blige also glow on screen.

Now I do have to mention the two leads, Julianne Hough and Diego Boneta, who both really need to take some acting classes. Or maybe it was the terrible dialogue written for them. Luckily they are mostly just singing the classics together instead of talking.

The main reason though that Rock of Ages really works is that it captures the spirit of fun and freedom that this movement in music is all about. The musical numbers are as big and loud as any rock concert you have ever been to. And you will have just as much fun. Grade: B+

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