Rockin’ New ‘Rock of Ages’ Trailer Hits

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This summer’s biggest, and probably only, musical got its second trailer today, and once again, Rock of Ages looks like a rockin’ good time.

Set in the 1980s, Rock of Ages follows a waitress and a busboy who fall in love during the birthplace of rock’n’roll. The new trailer shows a lot more of Tom Cruise who was only revealed at the end of the last trailer. But the new clip still highlights the same amount of good old-fashioned fun that the last one did. Between the superheroes and R-rated comedies being released this summer, this will likely be one of the most unique films of the summer.

Rock of Ages stars Tom Cruise, Russell Brand, Alec Baldwin, Bryan Cranston, Catherine Zeta Jones, Mary J. Blige, Paul Giamatti, Malin Akerman, and Will Forte. The musical hits theaters on June 15th.

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