‘South Park: 1%’ Review

I suppose it was only a matter of time before South Park tackled the controversial Occupy Wall Street movement. 1% was a solid episode of the show and accomplished what South Park does best, comment on a current topic in a way that is hilarious while showing how silly it is.

In this plot, Cartman was the 1% for dragging down the school’s average for a physical fitness test. The rest of the school declared themselves the 99%, meaning that they did not need to take the extra PE classes that the school was making them do.

Cartman turned to his stuffed animals for moral support, but slowly they begin to be taken, burned, or other graphic events that eliminate them. It was hysterical to watch him talk to his toys and respond for them. The climax was brilliant and even kind of creepy. Stan’s reaction always perfectly mirrors what the audience is supposed to think.

As for the part of the episode that actually dealt with Occupy Wall Street, we got to see the media in South Park blow it up and overreact to the two kids protesting; Butters and Jimmy. One particularly funny gag involved Butters going to the bathroom and a reporter now claiming the movement was occupying the bathroom pointing to the “occupied” switch above the door handle. However, this side of the episode didn’t have much else to offer. It did its job commenting on Occupy Wall Street but was not especially funny or thought provoking, which is a shame considering how well they have done epsiodes like this in the past.

1% was still a solid episode of South Park though. The Cartman bits were brilliant and while the preachy stuff wasn’t what it could have been it wasn’t bad either. This season is wrapping up quickly with only two more episodes to go before season 15 comes to a close. In a season that has been up and down quality wise, albeit interesting behind the scenes wise, I am definitely excited to see how Parker and Stone wrap up this controversial season. (8/10)

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