South Park: A Nightmare on Facetime Review

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What do you get when you combine Blockbuster’s decline due to VOD and The Shining? Another great Halloween special courtesy of South Park.

A Nightmare on Facetime was a great addition to South Park‘s list of classic Halloween episodes. When Randy buys Blockbuster for $10,000, he forces the family to work Halloween night with him. The second the classic Shining score stated playing over the family’s car ride to the dying movie rental chain, I had a feeling we were in for something pretty special.

Blockbuster served as the hotel that the Torrances stay at in Stanley Kubrick’s legendary horror film. Randy took on Jack Nicholson’s role in what was surely one of the best moments of the season. Watching him slowly tear himself apart as no one comes in to rent movies was great, especially as it paid tribute to a Halloween must. Randy was the perfect character to do this with and it worked wonderfully.

The boys dressing up as the Avengers, on the other hand, felt like a missed opportunity. Seriously, you had Cartman painted green as the Hulk and all they did was have people mistake his costume for something else. It seemed to be going somewhere fun when they tried to stop the criminals from robbing the Red Box. But then it went no where. However, seeing everyone dressed as Gangnam Style was a nice nod to what this year’s Halloween will probably be like.

A Nightmare on Facetime was a really fun Halloween episode. It both winked at the times we are in now while paying tribute to one of the best horror films ever made. Too bad the Avengers nod didn’t work quite as well. But overall, this was definitely a favorite of mine from the season. Grade: B+

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