South Park: A Scause for Applause Review

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Only on South Park do you get doped up Jesus destroying Dr. Seuss land and can actually believe the creators are saying something.

A Scause for Applause was a great episode on top of this pretty well done season. With the recent controversy involving Lance Armstrong using performance enhancing drugs, the episode opened with the citizens of South Park going to Walgreens to get rid of their yellow bracelets.

Then came the delightful surprise that the bracelets didn’t read “Live Strong” but “What Would Jesus Do” instead. Jesus works very well as a metaphor for Lance Armstrong, as they are oddly worshiped in similar ways.

When Stan refuses to get rid of his bracelet, the world embraces his courage and starts wearing “Stan Ground” bracelets. Cartman of course is wearing bracelets for just about every cause out there. This is what South Park does best, have fun with relevant issues.

Of course Jesus shows up, and any South Park episode with Jesus is worth watching. Then the episode takes a strange turn and we find a very strange factory that makes these bracelets all in the style of Dr. Suess. The animation style was perfect. The writing was pretty spot on, at least for the subject matter.

The episode ended in the only way it could, Jesus taking drugs and destroying the Seuss-like factory. In the end we got preachy South Park, which honestly felt like a long awaited return to form. Their thoughts on the fact that Armstrong’s achievements are not void are pretty significant. But of course we get one last joke.

While not a classic episode, this felt like South Park from a few seasons ago, and that is a most welcome return. Grade: B+

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