South Park: “A Song of Ass and Fire” Season 17 Episode 8 Review

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As a Game of Thrones fan, this episode totally rocked.

I was severely disappointed with how tame of a parody last week’s episode was of the hit HBO series. But from Kenny’s opening monologue in drag (he’s meant to be Daenerys), it felt like the writers were ready to hit Thrones hard.

And hit it hard they did. As the console war rages on, Cartman attempts to manipulate everyone from Butters to Bill Gates, the latter of which gets the upper hand on him. This of course takes place in a King’s Landing style garden in a senior citizen’s backyard. The old timer keeps yelling to Cartman to get off his property.

A Song of Ass and Fire felt like a redo of last week’s Black Friday. It essentially accomplished the same thing as last week’s episode plot wise, but did it much funnier and with a lot more in-jokes to the Game of Thrones fans.

Seriously, the incest between the sibling anchor team? Classic.

How about Butters at the author’s home where he learned of all the weiners in the future installments? And the weiner version of the show’s theme song. And all the artwork in the background (seriously, watch the episode again and look for endless penises in the background, some subtle, some not so subtle)

The episode even managed to capture the spirit of Martin’s novels by separating as many characters as possible and giving them slightly different motivations. As the newsreporter said in the closing minutes, it’s going to be a blood bath (clever how the writers knew there wouldn’t be an episode next week and pushed Black Friday for no reason other than that’s when it’ll air).

To cap it off, Sony gave Kenny a ring, making him a Japanese princess. This lead to a totally random but hilarious sequence of Kenny as an anime princess. Just for the freaking hell of it.

A Song of Ass and Fire fixed the problems last week’s episodes had by doing an actually successful parody of Game of Thrones. Does it work just as well as their classic Lord of the Rings episode? I’d say so. Bring on December 4th! Grade: A

By Matt Dougherty

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