‘South Park: Cartman Finds Love’ Review: How Was the Last Episode Until Fall?

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South Park finished the first half of season sixteen on a whimper. Cartman Finds Love was a harshly disappointing episode to leave us off going into the summer.

Just when I thought this show could potentially find its legs once more we got this episode which had some decent ideas that were never fully realized nor capable of carrying an entire episode on their own. The plots within Cartman Finds Love featured a new African American girl, Nichole, coming to South Park Elementary, which in Cartman’s mind of course means that she and Token must get together.

This side of the story was just boring. There really were very few actual jokes, instead we got weak attempts as racist humor that really didn’t amount to anything. The message was nice, that everyone should be with who they want to be with regardless of what other people say, but aside from that this story really had no meat to it.

What worked much better was Cartman’s lie to the rest of the school to stop Nichole from being interested in Kyle. I loved how Kyle thought all the girls were interested in him. The funniest moment of the episode was when Cartman sang to Kyle at the basketball game in front of thousands of people. It was great that Cartman believed in Token and Nichole so much that he would pretend to be in a homosexual relationship with the friend he hates most.

One other subplot that had its moments was Cartman’s psychotic creation CupidMe. Their interactions in Cartman’s slightly higher pitched and more jovial voice were funny, even if it was driven into the ground by the end of the episode.

I am sad to say that Cartman Finds Love left South Park on a sour note for the summer break. But it was far from some of the truly awful episode from last season. Hopefully the fall can bring more episodes like the last two to reinvigorate why we love this show. Grade: C

10 Responses to ‘South Park: Cartman Finds Love’ Review: How Was the Last Episode Until Fall?

  1. Monkey Bomb says:

    This was way funnier than the last two episodes.
    No strange live action. The ending acted as a punch line to show Cartman the hypocrisy of his way of thinking. Solid (8.5-9/10)
    Much funnier than the last two.

  2. Ziggy Tech says:

    Yeaaaahhhhh, apparently this reviewer didn’t see the same episode as I did because I found this much funnier than the last two.

  3. Bobby Limm says:

    5/10… hmm
    not to say your wrong, but I found this much funnier than 5/10.
    Diffidently went out on a high note.

  4. Reika Takeda says:

    You’re a fucking idiot, dude. This episode was one of the best in a long time. Are you retarded? Did you bump your head recently? Are your ears ringing? Go get a brain scan, revise this shit you call a “review” and apologize to me for wasting my time with this nonsensical, useless pablum. Fucking cunt.

  5. MCAL says:

    First off, I completely agree with the comments that this episode was much better then the reviewer said it was. That being said, everyone is entitled to their own opinion, so don’t act like he was an asshole to everyone.

  6. Wesker says:

    Well the last episode with the live action scene was pretty fuckin stupid but this episode wasn’t really any better. In my opinion the last good episode of this season was Butterballs. Though it seems to me from the comments that everyone just has a different sense of humor than others cause when the Ziplining episode came out I saw a lot of people comment about how great that episode was… and to me it was just stupid but that’s probably because the show they were making fun of I’ve never seen before so I didn’t really get the references. And that is this seasons problem, the things they are making fun of just seem to be aimed at a very specific type of audience as opposed to the old days when they made fun of Guitar Hero and WoW and the Homeless and the day Obama won the presidency… things that most people were aware of in some way. This episode was pretty stupid in my opinion since I was waiting for some type of punchline as to why Cartman gave a shit about someone else all of a sudden… like I was expecting some type of devious plot like when he wanted to eliminate all the Gingers. In my opinion 5 out of 10 is accurate… but that is my opinion so none of you get your shit in a wad because I don’t think the same exact you guys think..

  7. This episode was alright, but I think South Park officially jumped the shark this Season if it hadn’t before. Making Cartman Jewish was the shark jump, and the last episode’s poorly done live action (even if it was bad on purpose, it was not done well) really took the show in a different direction.

    I have this weird feeling while I watch South Park now that Matt and Trey are holding back. They could have really made Cartman extra racist in this one, or do something a little more than they did. It felt like an unfinished idea. I enjoyed it for what it was, but the Cupid Me thing was really off and even the ending didn’t give Kyle any closure. He just walked off while Cartman can have one last joke.

    South Park has changed a lot. Watch Season 7 – 10 (which I think are the best Seasons in the series) and then watch this Season. There is no comparison.

  8. Danny Mosquito says:

    Sorry I disagree… This is easily the best episode that South Park has released for a very long time. I was nearly ready to give South Park a miss (after years and years of watching) however this last episode has given me some hope that they may once again return to some decent episodes. I have to say that your entitled to your opinion, however going by the comments so far (although limited) it shows that the majority of viewers are seeking more episodes like this one and are not really that interested with the substandard episodes south park have been going on with recently.

  9. Kaio says:

    Yeah I guess it wasn’t a 5 out of 10, but not much more than that, 6.5 tops. But I really think trey parker and matt stone should do a killer episode about marijuana, it’s going to be voted in colorado in november the legalization of the herb. They really should do an episode about that after summer when the season goes back on air, it’s a theme that they really do know how to do it, as seen in medicinal fried chicken, i have no doubt that they do have more taboos to criticizer about. Come u guys can do better i’m pretty sure

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