‘South Park: Cash For Gold’ Review

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Season 16 continued this week with a pretty mediocre episode about the whole selling gold craze. It was a half an hour of juvenile humor that ended on an extremely clever and surprisingly upbeat note.

The first half of Cash For Gold really suffered a lack of laughs. The plot simply was not funny. Stan’s grandpa giving him the tie lacked all humor as did the scene where Stan tried to sell the gold back at a Cash For Gold location. It all turned out to be set up for a much more significant purpose, but it was a bad set up. This show is a comedy and this episode did not reflect that, meaning that in many ways it failed.

But the second half picked up a bit once Cartman started selling gold of his own. I loved that Butters was spinning the sign and just there overall. His presence makes any situation more enjoyable. The end montage was pretty fantastic as the true nature of how the Cash For Gold business works was revealed. It’s everyone’s fault, just like the current financial problems we are seeing across the globe today. It is not entirely clear if that is what Parker and Stone were going for the whole time but its a fair message for everyone who has been wagging their finger at someone else since the economy went bad a few years ago.

Cash For Gold was not a great episode of South Park because it almost completely lacked humor. However, the message was actually really clever and something that far too many people are blind from. For that, this was a worthwhile half an hour of television, even if that doesn’t mean much. Grade: C+

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  1. Daniel says:

    Nah I cannot agree. I have come to embrace the slow parts of an episode knowing that south park will NEVER let me down. You say it was slow but unlike family guy south park needs to set up a story for the WHOLE episode. This was an amazing episode. Hilarious.

    • Lisdexic says:

      Ok, you have completely missed what they were saying. You also seem to not know completely what south park is, and you have to care a little since you are critiquing episodes.

      This episode was not meant, as a whole, to be funny. It starts out with his Grandpa giving him the tie as a gift, and he says it will “make him happy ” to see stan wearing it in his school pictures. This is here to show that giving these jewelry gifts are very important to some old people because they can give joy to the few loved ones they have left.

      Then stan decides he just wants the cash for the tie that grandpa bought for 6000 dollars off of a shopping network channel. he realizes it is just a piece of shit piece of jewelry, and goes to see his grandpa. This leads to the very depressing scene where grandpa tells Stan that he cant remember the face of the dog he used to love so much. This once again, shows the pretty abysmal state that surely some seniors have to go through.

      This causes stan to go into south park adventure mode, as he swears revenge on the people who scam these old people into buying jewelry that looks expensive, but is really cheap crap. The first thing he does is call the Shopping network channel that sells the fake jewelry. He tells the guy to kill himself, and in my opinion, does a very good job. Not to sound fucked up, but he really made a good case, and it seemed to be working. This scene was to pretty much tell the world how terrible these shows are, for taking the little money that was left. One thing he said was, “What you do is terrible, and you know it, and you dont care, your the definition of evil, kill yourself. The only way to make up for what youve done and pay back all the seniors whose lives youve destroyed, is to kill yourself”

      The show uses this to then show just how messed up cartman is. Cartman decides to go into the jewelry business, and after the speech from stan you can tell just how evil he really is for doing the exact same thing.

      but stan goes off to find the person running everything. he searches eventually takes him to india, where all the jewelry is made in a sort of sweatshop. This ends up with a scene tieing in the cash for gold stores. Basically, it shows the indians making jewelry, then it gets sent to the shopping show, where it is sold to an old woman, who gets it for her daughter. The daughter then takes it to cash for gold, where she sells it and it is taken in, the gems removed, and it is melted down. the gold is then sold to a company, who takes it to india, and makes it into crappy jewelry, which is then sent back to america to be sold for way more money than thier worth to old people.

      its during this scene that they hand stan some kind of object.

      meanwhile, cartman starts his business selling crappy rings for a lot of money, and fucking asian women

      the next part is probably one of the best in the series. The object stan was given was a picture frame, and he put a picture of his grandpas old dog in it. Pretty god damn poetic if you ask me

      the show ends with the guy selling the jewelry again. After Stans call, hundreds of elderly people have called the show telling him to kill himself. One after another. One woman calls and tells him stan was right, and that he should kill himself. Then a guy says your too scared to do it arnt you, you aint got the balls. Finally, one woman calls about the earings he was selling, then says they would look good on his dead body. the guy says he has a gun with him, and the lady says put it against your temple and pull the trigger. And he shoots himself


      basically, the episode brought to light the rediculous cash for gold system and the scams of the shopping networks

  2. Draculoid says:

    I’m sorry but I’m really going to have to disagree with you on this one. Sure it wasn’t the best but as far as critiquing a South Park episode you’re missing a lot.

    The whole jewel salesman gag was hilarious with how ridiculous it got, and I’m not reffering to the suicide thing . Just the sheer parody of jewel selling networks was priceless “this just in folks we’re dropping the z from ez line”.The suicide part was just crazy, I watched it with three of my friends who constantly watch South Park and we were legitimately uncomfortable during those scenes.They pushed the envelope again I feel in terms of just sheer dark material.

    Don’t get me wrong, I do agree with many of your other points, I just really feel like those were some of the funniest/most interesting parts of the episode and you didn’t mention them.

  3. Kim says:

    Boy, do I disagree with you. Haven’t laughed this hard to a South Park episode in a looong time. Lightyears ahead of last weeks ep.

    For me the tv-salesman topped most of the season 15 funny parts.

  4. chris says:

    I completely disagree. I thought the episode was the best thing I have seen on television in quite a while. i love how after all of these years the show still has balls like watermelons. where would we be without comedy central?

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