‘South Park: Faith Hilling’ Review

Photo Credit: http://www.tvfanatic.com/gallery/faith-hilling-scene/

This week, South Park took on internet memes. Hilarity ensued.

Faith Hilling opened brilliantly with the gang seemingly sneaking into the GOP debates for some unknown reason. The moment where Cartman runs onto the stage and pulls his shirt out was both surprising and funny.

Where the episode went from there was only funnier. Apparently, Faith Hilling was “out” by the time they had made the front page with it (receiving some very harsh comments from Newt Gingrich in the process). The newest thing was Taylor Swifting, which consists of pulling your pants down and rubbing your butt on the ground.

Then, as always on the internet, cats took over. Watching everyone freak out and start throwing the idea around for war with the cats was pretty hilarious. Especially the cat that kept saying “oh long Johnson”, even if the joke got killed by the end of the episode. The scene where the human ambassador tried to speak to it was classic, as was his relay of the message to the other humans.

Then, sadly, the episode kind of fell apart in the end. Cartman reinstating Faith Hilling as cool again was only partially funny and didn’t really work to resolve the story. Honestly, I would not have minded if this became a multiple episode story like the series classic Imaginationland and other great story arcs.

Still though, Faith Hilling helped point the series in the right direction. The ending failed to provide any sort of resolution, but the laughs that came before it were hearty. Here’s to hoping they keep it up. Grade: B

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