South Park: “Fort Collins” Season 20 Episode 6 Review

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Does anyone else get the sense that, like most Americans I’m sure at this point, the election needs to be over so it can deal with the results and move on? Mr. Garrison’s run for office as a Donald Trump surrogate has been a highlight of this landmark twentieth season, but at this point what more is there to say? All the Trump and Hillary jokes have been made, by this show and others. This insane election grew tiresome weeks ago, which is part of why “Fort Collins” is little more than an exercise in wheel-spinning.

Gerald is excommunicated from his troll group only to later be brought up in a private meeting with Hillary late in the episode as her only potential savior. This storyline remains the weakest of the season, but at least Cartman and Heidi are zeroing in on Gerald’s online identity, and clueing Kyle in is a smart move story wise.

But the crux of “Fort Collins” had to do with the Danish’s Internet attack on the titular Colorado town, in which the private files of all its citizens were released. Trolls were burned and couple fought about porn. It was chaos, but it was controlled chaos. If South Park really wanted to shake up its status quo, the attack would have just happened on the town already. Having it in Fort Collins just feels like a distraction from the fact that the plot isn’t really moving forward in any meaningful way. And where’s the comedy if the event itself isn’t happening to the cast we’re used to watching?

Faring a bit better were the member berries themselves. A small group escape and drive down the highway in their little car bringing up random characters, events, and objects from the original Star Wars trilogy (honestly, this joke hasn’t gotten old yet for me). It’s ridiculous and a riot. But, more interestingly, their goal appears to be to have one of their own land in the drink of Vice Presidential candidate Caitlyn Jenner. She and the waiter have a brief exchange about how crazy election night is going to be. “Buckle up buckaroos,” she says before the credits roll. It appears we’re being promised another time crunch ready election episode from South Park in two weeks. Maybe that’s just what this season needs to pick things up. It makes sense that the season would stall out here in anticipation for that, but hopefully the show can make due on that promise. Grade: B-

By Matt Dougherty

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