South Park: “Ginger Cow” Season 17 Episode 6 Review

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This week on South Park: Cartman ends the conflict between three monumental religions.

The red heifer is here, and it also has freckles and glasses.

Ginger Cow was a very funny episode and a return to form after the last two episodes really had me question why I still watched. Cartman comes into school apologizing to Kyle for some argument they had about other species of animal being ginger.

The first sight of the titular cow is just so funny no matter how stupid it is. A normal cow with orange spots, freckles, glasses, and a giant ginger afro. Classic.

But it gets stranger when the Christians, Jews, and Muslims arrive in South Park claiming it is the end of days. All three religions have prophecies surrounding the arrival of the red heifer. This leads to them finding peace, thus ending the conflict in the Middle East. All thanks to Cartman playing a prank on Kyle.

So when Cartman wants to admit the truth, Kyle tries to stop him. They strike a deal that Kyle must eat Cartman’s farts and claim to love them (“yummy in my tummy” the jingle goes). Only South Park can blend the end of the conflicts in the Middle East with farts.

We also got the great gag of the symbols of all three religions converging to create the Van Halen symbol.

So when Stan plans to expose the whole thing, accidentally of course, it comes out that Cartman didn’t decorate the cow, which was the real prophecy all along. This ending didn’t really come together for me. Everything I know about Cartman from the last 17 seasons leads me to believe he would love the fame and praise of being the one who ended years of conflict. But he stayed quiet.

Still though, Ginger Cow was more in line with the first three episodes of the season, which felt like a return to form for the show. Of course season 17 has the black mark of the last two episodes now, but this was a step in the right direction. Grade: B+

By Matt Dougherty

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