South Park: “Go Fund Yourself” Season 18 Episode 1 Review

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Season 18 opens with the various boys staring off and saying words including “boner”, “balls”, and other foul things without any explanation. Welcome back to South Park.

We quickly learn that are trying to come up with catchy names for start-up company that hasn’t already been taken. Cartman, being the informed fourth grader he is, realizes that the Washington Redskins are recently untrademarked. So their start-up company becomes the Washington Redskins. This being South Park, the real-world situation gets flipped when the NFL team’s owner and quarterback feel what they stand for has been trampled on. It doesn’t help that the terrorist group ISIS is backing Cartman’s Washington Redskins.

This type of commentary on current events is the norm for South Park, with this premiere following the formula that Matt Stone and Trey Parker know works for these kinds of episodes. The only thing that really makes Go Fund Yourself stand out is its topic, which makes every other episode of this nature stand out. The name of the Washington Redskins being a hot-button issue right now elevates the comedy. But once the issues is resolved, there’s little to bring this entry to the level of “classic”.

There are some great moments though. One of the best conversations happens when Kyle and Stan point out Cartman’s mistake in switching the physical abuse in the NFL (the Ray Rice scandal gets just enough attention throughout) and that in the Catholic Church. Cartman comes to the hilarious conclusion that they are one in the same.

Kickstarter took some heat too, with it being pointed out that they really don’t do all that much and make a ton of money.

There was also a lot to love about the dark ending involving the Dallas Cowboys continually tackling the lone Washington Redskin, the owner defending his team’s honor. Suddenly, people are offended by the boys’ start-up, and they have to go back to school, resuming the status quo.

So while Go Fund Yourself wasn’t terribly inventive, there was nothing inherently bad about it. A current topic was strongly explored but maybe not memorably. The proven formula was followed and we laughed. Not as hard as I would have liked, but there are certainly far worse episodes. It’s a decent start. Grade: B

By Matt Dougherty

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