South Park: Going Native Review

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Butters centric episodes always have a leg up on the rest of the season, throw in Kenny and you have a fun half hour of nonsense.

Going Native was not an episode of South Park that tries to have some deep meaning, and that is much appreciated every once in a while. By no means was this a perfect episode, but it was nice to get out of South Park this week.

The episode starts with Butters being uncharacteristically angry. Having him scream, but still without cursing, at his classmates was hysterical.

His parents then tell him that to get rid of his anger he must travel to his homeland of Hawaii and undergo a coming of age ceremony. Naturally, the natives on Hawaii are tourists who have racked up so many reward points that they just live there. It is a funny little joke that is probably pretty true.

Kenny accompanying Butters was a smart choice as well. The two are rarely seen together and had a few nice interactions. I love how Kenny was given a voice as he wrote his letters to home. The use of Kenny for more than just getting killed almost always ends in something good.

One thing after another and the Hawaiians were heading to war with the Coast Guard. Butters sinking an entire cruise ship was great, as was the “natives” being killed by the Coast Guard’s canons.

However, trying to relate everything to Ben Affleck and Argo in the last five minutes came out of no-where and felt really out of place. I couldn’t help but role my eyes as the joke got killed quicker than most do on this show, and that’s saying something.

Other than that, Going Native was a fun little episode. Far from the best but also far from the worst. Grade: B

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