South Park: “Goth Kids 3: Dawn of the Posers” Season 17 Episode 4 Review

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I’m not sure I can think of an episode in all 17 seasons that was worse than Goth Kids 3: Dawn of the Posers.

I’m sure one exists, but this one came when South Park was on such a good run.

The episode focuses on the group of four goth kids the show has brought us over the years. This time their parents are sending them to a camp that turns them emo, their rival clique in the school. Apparently its plants that turn them emo in what I think was a spoof of The Happening. So the remaining goths team up with the Twilight fans to resurrect Edgar Allen Poe. Then they infiltrate the base only to find out that it’s a trashy reality show that tries to scare people pranking the guy who waters the plants.

This is a formula we see often on South Park. Sometimes it’s used to great effect. Other times we get Goth Kids 3: Dawn of the Posers. Not a single idea of this “story” was fully realized. Not only that but it all seemed harshly outdated. When was the last time it was funny to make fun of goth kids? Even Twilight jokes have gotten old. This episode would have had to have aired three or four years ago to really have any relevance. Even then it would have still been a rough episode, just more relevant.

Edgar Allen Poe’s resurrection had so much potential. While watching I found myself getting ready to laugh. But nothing came, just the same one note joke about cliquess the whole episode seemed to be about.

With the ending I guess someone could argue it was a whole examination of the arbitrary-ness of different social groups. I guess.

What’s even more painful to think about is that due to the blackout last week they had two full weeks to make this episode. To me the blackout seemed like a sign to scrap the whole idea. Or lack there of. Grade: F

By Matt Dougherty

4 Responses to South Park: “Goth Kids 3: Dawn of the Posers” Season 17 Episode 4 Review

  1. Jake says:

    Right on. I couldn’t agree more. Reminds me of the tebow planking episode. What a waste of an episode. Of course… that seems to happen more and more these days now that Matt and Trey are clearly tired.

    Still though, rooting for the guys to find their stride again before they call it quits.

  2. sample hiphop says:

    100% agree, the episode was not good at all!

  3. emil says:

    Maybe I’m biased cause I LOVE the goth kids, but I liked it. Sure the twist ending was stupid, but I don’t really care. Yeah the references are dated but I honestly chaulk it all up to Trey and Matt really just wanting to do something with the Goth kids around Halloween. Yeah they probably could have done something Halloween based with them, but whatever I just like those characters and welcome them even if the episode isn’t up to snuff. I think you’re being a bit harsh saying it’s the worst one of the seris though. My two cents: the zip lining one, Bass to mouth- waste of a lemmywinks episode, poor and stupid, pinewood derby, overlogging was kinda lame, and a small chunk of those first 3 seasons are all considerably worse than last nights’ episode.
    Not beigna dick, like I said, I just love the Goth kids!

  4. Jaime says:

    Maybe because im metal/scene i appreciate it more. And got a good laugh out of it. People are always stereotyping us and there really is a distinct difference between the social groups. I just find it hilarious that they made fun of it. I agree the poe was lame and the end of the episode killed it for me. Yet i great enjoyed the first 11/21 minutes of it.

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