South Park: “Handicar” Season 18 Episode 4 Review

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Have you noticed that when South Park thinks its on to something, it makes sure you know it? Last week it worked very well with Randy’s “Ya ya ya! I am Lorde” never getting tiring. Well, the jokes in Handicar wore out their welcome pretty quick.

Inspired by South Park: The Stick of Truth‘s own version of fast-travel, Timmy has started a taxi service not unlike Uber and Lyft to raise money for his summer camp. But Nathan and Mimsy have no intention of going back to summer camp and will do anything to thwart Timmy’s business.

It’s a basic premise that would benefit from any real humor behind it. Instead, the show relies on the same old jokes it always tells with its mentally handicapped characters, who are all essentially Looney Tunes characters.

They eventually involve Elon Musk, CEO of Tesla Motors. But after half an episode without any laughs, the second half pulled it together a bit for a big Wacky Races parody that ended up being a clever metaphor for the current state of the taxi services industry. All the adults running to the grocery store to get cereal and milk for their Saturday morning cartoon was a nice touch too.

Some of the racers were hysterical, especially the Canadian Neve Campbell, Dick Dastardly and Muttley, and Matthew McConaughey in a spoof of his recent Lincoln ads. The race had some winning moments as it played out exactly like an old-school cartoon would. Even the animation changes helped bring us back.

Timmy comes out on top in the race and Nathan’s mother forces him to go to summer camp again. Even though this episode pales in comparison to last week’s showstopper, it still had some clever moments. But the almost laughless first half really dragged it down. This is the weakest episode of Season 18 so far, but a lot of seasons have had a lot of weaker episodes. Grade: C+

By Matt Dougherty

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