South Park: “#HappyHolograms” Season 18 Finale Review

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Something tells me that Matt and Trey are having a pretty big laugh right now as they start their vacation. 

#HappyHoligrams was like a grab bag of everything going on in the news right now and a bunch of stuff from the first nine episodes of the season. It was on another level of insane, lacking just about any coherence. But on some level, it kind of worked.

With Cartman’s comments on a smaller screen throughout most of the episode, there was no sense of what was reality and what was the Christmas special Kyle agreed to do with Bill Cosby. Stan and Kyle acknowledge this at the end of the episode, making sure that the audience knows that the writers are aware this episode made no sense.

Inbetween all that, South Park police officers have no idea how to defend themselves when shooting and choking Tupac’s hologram doesn’t work, a not so subtle nod to the Michael Brown and Eric Garner incidents. A whole episode devoted to this honestly would have probably been pretty great. The same can be said for Bill Cosby’s creepy advances toward women on live television. To top it off, the Christmas special is called the “Washington Redskins’ Go F*ck Yourself Christmas Special”. Just what was going on in the writers’ room this week?

The episode ends with Kyle starting a new Twitter hashtag to get PewDiePie to replace Cartman. So, yeah. The important thing to take away from #HappyHolograms was that it was completely unpredictable and often hilarious. It breaches a new level of insanity for the South Park writers. Still, incoherence is incoherence, and the episode suffers for it. But there are much worse ways Season 18 could have ended. Grade: B

By Matt Dougherty

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  1. SBOBET says:

    South Park is funny = my rating 10/10.
    That’s very crazy and funny.

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