‘South Park: I Should Never Have Gone Ziplining’ Review

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This week, South Park took on I Shouldn’t Be Alive, and parodied it flawlessly. We also got the first live action Kenny death.

I Should Never Have Gone Ziplining took on the role of a documentary, much like episodes of the Animal Planet show I Shouldn’t Be Alive, a show where people talk about some crazy adventure they went on and almost died on. But instead of putting the boys in real danger, they were just bored while ziplining.

This was an extremely relatable episode since those tour group things out in Colorado are truly awful (sadly, I know from experience). Watching the boys get less excited as things kept getting stacked onto what they thought would be a simple ziplining trip was hysterical. I also loved the vivid descriptions of Cartman’s digestive tract with intense CGI diagrams that shows like I Shouldn’t Be Alive frequently use.

My only real criticism is that this plot didn’t really take up the whole episode, and a lot of jokes suffered for it. Regardless, this was still a great episode, but some form of side plot might have been useful here.

The ending was pretty brilliant, however, as South Park went live action. I loved how crude the production was as they didn’t try and disguise California in the slightest and Cartman’s diarrhea was a hose spewing brown liquid through his legs. Classic. This was a fantastic way to end this episode making for yet another memorable half hour from season sixteen.

For the first time in a long time, I am truly sad to see South Park go off the air again after next week. The whole season so far has been a nice improvement over season fifteen and I can say once again that I am excited about South Park. Grade: B+

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  1. AJ says:

    Fucking stupid episode, if you ask me. Which you’re not. Teapots.

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