South Park: Insecurity Review

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The UPS man is having sex with every married woman in South Park. Bane comes to the rescue. Hilarity ensues.

South Park is always capable of getting laughs out of pop culture references. This week we got some great Dark Knight Rises humor alongside a clever plot involving the UPS man and the operators on the other end when your house alarm goes off.

Equating the UPS man (who brings Amazon to your home) to the milk man of yesterday was smart. The scenes with the old man in the bar explaining how things were going to go down for the men in town was great. Their solution? Putting on Bane masks and attacking the UPS man. I have to be honest, as big a fan I am of The Dark Knight Rises, Bane’s voice is pretty hilarious out of context. And it wasn’t over done, unlike a lot of other South Park jokes as of late.

Sadly, the same cannot be said for the operator constantly calling people. It really got to be just about every minute by the end of the episode. This is something South Park has been doing a lot lately, and it’s getting annoying.

But Insecurity managed to rise above that with a lot of great jokes and clever premise. It wasn’t quite as smart as last week, but it certainly was more streamlined and well put together. If they can just meld what made these two episodes good, then we will have South Park as good as it once was. But if they don’t, the quality of Insecurity will do. Grade: B+


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