‘South Park: Jewpacabra’ Review

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Well that was weird. This week South Park followed Cartman’s quest to end Passover, but like last season, we see some groundbreaking change, that may amount to nothing, just as last season’s did.

Jewpacabra started off as a pretty typical episode of Cartman hating on the Jews but ended as something completely different. This time, he made up a mythical entity known as the Jewpacabra, basically the Big Foot of Passover. Cartman set out to find footage of this creature. The beginning was decently funny as the episode was declared as Cartman’s Passover Special.

As the episode progressed, however, it got continually more boring. Cartman found footage of a dog or something rustling in the bushes and showed it to a group of eccentrics who believed him. They try to provoke the Jewpacabra by dressing Cartman in a bunny costume. Most of this fell pretty flat but then the episode moved into a far more interesting direction. Cartman waking up while the plagues were ravaging Egypt was a surprising turn. Sure, it wasn’t really that far back since the Pharaoh referenced the American Civil War.

Then Cartman somehow decided to become a Jew. This turn was a bit too far for me, a big fan of the Jew hating Cartman. However, could this take Cartman in a whole new direction? There is a lot of potential for humor with Cartman now being a Jew. I will have to see where this takes the show, but as for this episode, it was absolutely lackluster. Grade: C


2 Responses to ‘South Park: Jewpacabra’ Review

  1. Mason says:

    It really goes to show the creator’s true intentions on the show. They constantly portray the anti-Semitic Cartman as stupid fat and lazy, among countless other faults. Kyle on the other hand, always the clever and innocent one, is constantly the butt of all Cartman’s jokes and is victimized most of the time. There are numerous slanders to any catholic on the show, as well as a regular character “Jesus” who is the host of a local religious talk show. They make fun of everything except for anything having to do with Judaism, and when it even comes close you soon get some lecture of the bad moralities of such thoughts. Yet they can show catholic priests molesting young boys as following their cannon law telling them to do so. This is suppose to be an edgy show that tries to go against the mainstream. However most of the mainstream including this show are nothing more then Zionist brainwashing.

  2. Tom McDonagh says:

    ^ I hope you are trolling…in case you aren’t, how’s this for a rebuttal? The episode last week showed vivid displays of the violence that rained down upon Egypt during the Ten Plagues. The deaths of the Egyptian first-borns were particularly violent. And Jews BELIEVE in a God that would do such cruel things. Let me ask you this: if the Jewish god is the same as the Christian god, and the Christian god is omnibenevolent, omniscient, and omnipotent, why would He kill His creations and cause such suffering? The episode shows that Judaism celebrates the Hebrews’ liberation via excessively violent means, certainly not something that makes any logical sense to celebrate.
    If you want other examples of episodes that make fun of Jewish traditions, try “Ike’s Wee Wee” or “Jewbilee.” It’s people who believe in “Zionist brainwashing” that bring shame to the Christian name. Grow up and read some unbiased news.

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