South Park: “Naughty Ninjas” Season 19 Episode 7 Review

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“Do you even know what ‘farm to table’ means?”

“Naughty Ninjas” does a great job of playing both sides of the main issue it tackles. The episode essentially calls out everyone who says “F*ck the Police” while still acknowledging a larger with the police force in general. As a portrait of the current mood, “Naughty Ninja” nails it. But unlike some of the best episodes this season, it doesn’t quite offer any sort of solution.

The episode starts with Officer Barbrady accidentally shooting a student, who happens to be a minority, at South Park Elementary. He’s immediately fired and the town starts protesting cops, causing them to stop caring about South Park’s problems and hold luaus instead.

Meanwhile, Kenny and Token start training/playing as ninjas to drive homeless people away from the now overrun Sodosopa. Once the other boys join them, all the adults in town think they’ve joined ISIS. This other current events tie in doesn’t fit into season 19’s themes as well as police brutality does, but it’s a clever enough reason to have the homeless people invade Shi Tpa Town.

It was great to see how little it took for the adults to go begging the police force to resume their duties. Most of what Randy is concerned with is that Whole Foods is in the bad part of town now. Either way, the now homeless Officer Barbrady is convinced to go shoot the kids who joined ISIS. Randy figures out the whole thing out and stops him in time, almost. Hilariously, Barbrady shoots another minority child.

In the end, “Naughty Ninjas” was about the very stupid exaggerations we make about how horrible cops are. But then, once Randy and the mayor turn their backs, the police immediately start beating up minorities as part of their “deal.” Both sides are exaggerations of truths. People who hate cops would be glad they exist the second its convenient for them to. There is also a race problem within the police force in this country. South Park sends up both sides very well. I can forgive the lack of solution, as there doesn’t seem to be one at the moment besides the very general “just be better people.” It’s better that they didn’t force it. Grade: B+

Some Other Notes:

  • “We’ve had a Whole Foods in our town for five weeks and we already don’t need cops.”
  • Cartman trying to pawn off his homophobic remarks toward ninjas on Kyle was actually a hilarious running joke. Even better was when the kids were contacted by someone actually in ISIS who confirmed to Cartman that there is something wrong with Jews.
  • Based on the closing tag with Barbrady, South Park might be gearing up for a big finale. Leslie is the girl PC Principal called the cops on in the opening scene. What does she have to do with Whole Foods and the town’s attempts at being PC?

By Matt Dougherty

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