South Park: Obama Wins! (Season Finale) Review

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South Park finished up its 16th season with another election episode, four years after the last one.

This is a show where you just kind of have to laugh off how ridiculous things get. So when the plot of Obama Wins! turned out to be the Chinese rigging the election so Obama would win and they would get the rights to Star Wars from Disney, it made perfect logical sense in the realm of the show. Anywhere else? Nope, but hey it works.

Cartman’s involvement here was crucial to bringing the plot to the small town of South Park. Kyle, Stan and the rest of the kids really didn’t have much to do here in this episode filled with Obama, Morgan Freeman, and Mickey Mouse.

There were a lot of little gags in this episode that actually made it stand out more. Lately South Park has relied on one or two jokes to carry an episode. Here we had at least three with sprinkles of other ideas inbetween. I loved that instead of Romney we got a duck spewing sh!t from it’s mouth. I also loved seeing TIE fighters flying near the Disney castle. The Star Wars Disney news could have possibly carried a few more episodes than just this one had it not came so late in the season.

As a season finale this will do just fine. It isn’t a classic but it follows a solid formula that the show ignored a lot the last few season. Hopefully season 17 can bring an even more significant return to form. Grade: B

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