South Park: “#REHASH” Season 18 Episode 9 Review

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Season 18’s penultimate episode was one of the best of the season, the first of (hopefully) a two-parter that will give us more of everything that worked this season.

Something this season of South Park did that has never been done to this degree before, at least to this degree, is continuity. #REHASH mentioned many of the previous episodes this season, most notably Randy having to once again performa as Lorde because Stan spent all of the family’s money on freemium games.

But this episode works most as a commentary on what art and entertainment have become in our culture. #REHASH does a lot of complaining about technology and social media, but is self-aware enough to call itself a grandpa.

It all starts when Kyle brings home the latest Call of Duty for he and Ike to play. But Ike would rather watch YouTube stars like PewDieDie comment on the video game they are playing than actually play the game. Think Mystery Science Theater but for video games and less scripted.

Cartman thinks he’s found a way to make bank on this, and starts commenting on his friends commenting on commenting. It gets pretty meta, but Cartman’s weak attempts at making fun of people over the Internet are hilarious.

Meanwhile, Randy is about to go on-stage as Lorde, but backstage he/she is getting trouble from Iggy Azalea. For Iggy and Miley, pop music has become about rubbing your privates on stage. Randy of course eventually gives in and rubs himself when the audience doesn’t respond to his unaltered voice (it should also be noted that “Ya, ya, ya! Lorde, Lorde, Lorde!” has not yet gotten old).

Lorde’s manager tells Randy that the comments he’s getting from his risque performance are all that matters. That’s when Michael Jackson’s hologram comes alive and makes his return to South Park. But the government hires hologram Tupac to kill hologram Michael Jackson. This all happens as Randy is being threatened by a hologram of himself as Lorde. The point South Park seems to be trying to make is that the holograms and the NSFW performances are ruining true art.

But #REHASH appears to be only the beginning. Next week’s finale will hopefully give some conclusion to the well-laid groundwork of this episode. Might just redeem some of Season 18’s lesser entries along the way. Grade: B+

By Matt Dougherty

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