South Park: Sarcastaball Review

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South Park continued its 16th season with a funny episode full of, well, sarcasm.

I doubt that Trey Parker and Matt Stone will top the near perfect Butterballs from last spring, but Sarcastaball had a lot of fun elements to it, even if the jokes were overdone to the point of being annoying.

The episode saw two main stories come our way, football becoming much safer and Butters selling his semen. Both plotlines had good and bad elements but they strangely complimented each other well.

The football storyline managed to take a hilarious jab at the current NFL referee lockout. Other than that, however, it was pretty tame and kind of boring. Randy Marsh’s constant sarcasm delivered some laughs but not enough to save the episode. By the time the half-hour was over, the joke had more than run its course.

Butters’ semen selling, on the other hand, started a bit slow and picked up the slack when the football story lost its momentum. Butters is always a great character to have headline a story, and Sarcastaball was no exception. The second Cartman, gulp, drank some of it the episode really picked up. Semen jokes came flying at you left and right culminating in a great moment where Randy just states “this is cum”.

Still though, I wish that Sarcastaball was much better. After the summer break, the show should have came back with a stronger episode, but for now this will do. Grade: B

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