South Park Season 17 Review: Perhaps the Most Volatile Season Yet

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For season 17, South Park changed its format a bit. Gone are the season splits leaving us dry over the summer. Instead we got a condensed season that aired completely in the fall. Did this spark the creative juices?

Sometimes seems to be the best answer.

South Park is still the most unpredictable show on TV. We find out what the episode is about days beforehand and then its on to the next one.

The season started off on a strong note, with an amusing premiere involving Cartman infiltrating the NSA. The two episodes that followed, Informative Murder Porn and World War Zimmerman, were even better and seemed to suggest that season 17 would be the most consistent one in years.

Then came the black out, making South Park late to air for the first time ever. Amazingly, with two weeks to work on the next episode, we returned with Goth Kids 3: Dawn of the Posers, easily the worst episode of the season. The only way I can describe it is outdated and unfunny.

It was followed by Taming Strange, the second worst episode of the season that tried to combine Miley Cyrus and Obamacare. Instead of it being surprisingly topical, it felt like Matt and Trey were just going through the motions and delivering send-ups of every headline they could, giving none of them time to breath.

But at least Ginger Cow was hilarious in the most ridiculous sense.

The end of the season brought on a three-part story that parodied Black Friday, the console war, and Game of Thrones. The episodes that bookended this trilogy were amusing, but that middle episode, A Song of Ass and Fire, was the best of the season.

Too bad the finale was another lackluster attempt at hitting all the headlines.

As a whole, season 17 was incredibly inconsistent. There was creative energy in the beginning, but that quickly tapered off into glimpses of the former genius behind this show. The last few seasons, aside from a few classic episodes, have felt like the creators are just going through the motions. Which makes sense, 17 years is long time to work on one project.

With that in mind, season 17 was totally all over the place, but managed to be amusing most of the time. It’s just disappointing that it’s only great very rarely. Grade: B-

By Matt Dougherty

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  1. bubba booey says:

    Actually, the season closer was hilarious, the funniest south park episode I’ve seen in ages.

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