South Park: “Taming Strange” Season 17 Episode 5 Review

Well, at least it wasn’t as bad as last week.

Taming Strange was a disjointed episode that threw every spare headline it could into 22 minutes.

Ike appears to be going through puberty way too early. Meanwhile, the school is trying to streamline healthcare for its students with Intellilink, a finicky website that bear’s resemblance to the Obamacare website. Both of these stories offer a few laughs as they are starting out.

It was amusing to watch Ike grow angry as he went through puberty when it first started. The same went for the computer program causing the school all kinds of ridiculous problems. But the jokes wore thin after their introductions.

From there the episode was kind of all over the place. Transitions between Kyle trying to fix Ike, the school’s Intellilink issues, and the Canadian trying to figure out why his wife queefed in his face happened abruptly and destroyed the flow of the episode.

There were a few fun jokes with Ike turning one of the Yo Gabba Gabba! characters into Miley Cyrus, but it felt like an afterthought to the other half-baked ideas of the episode.

What happened? Season 17 started with so much promise. The joy of World War Zimmerman feels so far behind. Did the power outage suck the creative energy out of Trey Parker and Matt Stone? Grade: C-

By Matt Dougherty

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