South Park: “The Magic Bush” Season 18 Episode 5 Review

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I’m not really sure what to write about such a lackluster, uninspired episode aside from that it was lackluster and uninspired.

South Park fans know by now that these later seasons are pretty up and down. The first three entries of Season 18 were winners, and these last two have been losers.

The Magic Bush has Cartman and Butters stealing Butters’ father’s drone and flying it into Craig’s mom’s window while she’s naked. Apparently her pubic hair is horrifyingly unkempt. The video of their spying leaks online, thanks to Cartman, and now the whole town is trying not to make jokes at Craig’s mom’s expense.

This leads to a neighborhood watch worked entirely by drones. When these drones eventually sneak a peak at some private moments, the police get their drones involved. It then escalates to the Coast Guard sending in their drones. While a few jokes about police brutality and general riots all happening in the form of drones landed, it’s not clear what the guys at South Park were trying to accomplish here. All they really do is beat around the bush (pun absolutely intended).

The drone plot seems to be a disguise for the episode to investigate the recent celebrity nude photo leaks, but aside from the issue being mentioned directly a few times, it hardly goes far enough. I actually would love to see Matt and Trey’s full attention put on the nude photo leaks for an episode the way they wonderfully handled transphobia just two episodes ago in The Cissy.

Instead, we get a half-baked version where the true commentary seems to be placed on people buying drones. Which is a thing I guess people are doing now.

This episode does get points for a couple laugh-out-loud worthy references to Craig’s mom’s bush. Aside from that though, the ideas here aren’t complete. The ending, which has Cartman and Butters luring all the drones away with a blow-up doll of Craig’s mom with a giant bush, doesn’t really solve any issues and goes for an easy joke.

Nothing about the episode is really terrible or boring, but it just isn’t all that well thought out. With The Magic Bush, we have reached the halfway point of Season 18, and this show is as uneven as it has been over the last couple of years. Grade: C+

By Matt Dougherty

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