South Park: “Where My Country Gone?” Season 19 Episode 2 Review

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It was inevitable. South Park had to tackle Donald Trump. This episode pretty much wrote itself, to the point where the 22 minutes felt a bit uninspired, as if Matt and Trey were checking things off the list to do a proper Trump parody without any real imagination.

To be fair, it’s not like the Republican candidate has left them anything subtle to work with. All “Where My Country Gone?” really had to do was switch some situations around so that they best fit the world of the show. In this case, Mr. Garrison takes on the role of the Donald while reacting to the overly PC events of last week’s premiere. Yup, it looks like continuity is back in play after the writers experimented with it last season.

So Garrison starts yelling racist and random promises that are maybe just a notch, if that even, more outlandish than what Trump has been spouting. This is where the episode feels a bit too easy. South Park makes fun of Trump for all the reasons everyone has been making fun of him for months. It’s uninspired and, frankly, a bit lazy. But again, what are the writers to do? Every psychopathic thing Trump has said since he announced his candidacy has been so widely publicized that he’s a left a show that would normally expose his lunacy on a deeper level with nothing to show us.

Things get a little funnier when Canada replaces Mexico. Anytime this show deals with Canada usually produces hysterical results. It’s not long before a big wall is constructed, but not by us, by Canada’s own version of Trump. Mr. Garrison sneaks over via a barrel over Niagara Falls and has sex with the leader of Canada until he dies. The episode ends with him announcing he’s taking this all the way to Washington.

The episode’s entire point seems to be, spoken through Kyle again, that this whole joke has gone on a little too far and that we need to wake up. Considering the media will keep talking about Trump simply because he’s getting them viewers/readers, this is a message a lot of people have been thinking but maybe hasn’t totally been done in this way on TV yet. In that way, this is a worthwhile point to make to the show’s audience.

With continuity back in the picture, if “Where My Country Gone?” merely setup for better episodes sending up Trump, I’ll be fine with that. But by itself, this was a pretty standard takedown of the man lots of people on TV have already taken down. Still, even lazy attacks on Trump are still pretty entertaining to watch. Grade: B


Some Other Notes:

  • The episode never says the name “Donald Trump,” which may be the smartest thing about it.
  • Hey guys, in case you forgot, South Park wants to remind you that Caitlyn Jenner hit and killed someone with her car earlier this year and faced no consequences.
  • Having all the Canadians move to the US when they got a Trump-like candidate was a funny flip on Americans claiming they’re going to move to Canada when someone they don’t like gets elected.

By Matt Dougherty

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