South Park: “World War Zimmerman” Season 17 Episode 3 Review

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A clever parody of World War Z mixed with some sharp political jabs make for another winner for season 17.

World War Zimmerman wonderfully smushed together racism and zombies to make the smartest, funniest episode of the season thus far.

Cartman is having nightmares after the result of the Zimmerman trial. His nightmares involve his one black classmate Token, along with mobs of black people, rioting in the streets and taking over the world. But it is Cartman, meaning that in these fantasies he has a loving family, and resembles Brad Pitt’s lead character in World War Z. So when the first zombie attack plays out almost identically to how it does in the movie, except with black people attacking, it gets a big laugh.

The recurring gag of anytime Cartman sees a black person on a plane and the plane crashing was great too.

But the episode went smarter than usual when it brought up the stand-your-ground law that allowed Zimmerman to be acquitted earlier this year. Cartman can only kill people on the street if that person threatens them in certain states. As with the case of George Zimmerman killing Trayvon Martin, that means Cartman plans to save the world by killing people in Florida.

Meanwhile, the rest of the world thinks Token is patient zero in a zombie apocalypse. The government visits George Zimmerman to ask him to kill Token. He says something to the effect of “I got out of that a long time ago.” So Cartman shows up in black face causing Zimmerman to immediately shoot him. Yes, it’s all very offensive, but come on, this is South Park after all. Lighten up.

To close the episode, Token has a very brief, not-too-preachy outburst about how the stand-your-ground law doesn’t apply to white people. Sharp stuff from South Park this week. This is what the show does best. Grade: A-

By Matt Dougherty

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