South Park: “You’re Not Yelping” Season 19 Episode 4 Review

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South Park returned after a week off with another focused and clever, but not all that funny, episode.

Season 19 has thus far found a renewed focus from Matt Stone and Trey Parker. Like “The City Part of Town” before it, “You’re Not Yelping” didn’t try to juggle a few wildly different plots and force them together in the end like many recent South Park seasons have. But, also like the previous episode, this entry was pretty much devoid of real laughs.

With South Park now featuring hip neighborhoods with unique fusion restaurants, there’s been an uptick in the number of citizens that post Yelp reviews. Among the characters partaking are Gerald Broflovski, Detective Harrison, and, of course, Cartman. Yelp reviewers are threatening restaurants with bad reviews to get better service. Cartman manages to turn this into a race thing when he keeps making fun of a Latino kid in school who works as a bus boy for his parents. Only a few jokes here really landed.

But the resolution was perfect. Kyle decides that the only way to win is to make everyone who writes Yelp reviews feel special, giving them each a badge to wear. This way, restaurant workers know when to mess with peoples’ food. This was hilariously illustrated with the “Boogars and Cum” song. The lyrics were just brilliant. Had the rest of the episode’s humor matched the last couple of minutes, this would easily be the best of the season so far.

Instead, we got a mediocre entry that was devoid of any real reason to laugh until the end. With South Park, it’s usually the opposite. Neither way is really better than the other. The show is still plateaued at the same level of quality it has been for a few years. So no harm done, but this was hardly great television. Grade: B

By Matt Dougherty

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