Spring Review: How to Love a Monster

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Imaginative, genre-bending indie horror films might just be the first trend in cinema of 2015.

After the the vampire mockumentary What We Do in the Shadows and the ’80s style psychosexual thriller It Follows, 2015 had already labeled itself as a year for inventive horror, or horror parody in the case of the former. Well here comes Spring, a Beauty & the Beast type of love story that centers on a monster that takes breaks from romance to chew up obnoxious tourists.

We meet Evan (Lou Taylor Pucci) as he’s losing both of his parents and in need of an escape. So he moves to Italy, where he meets Louise (Nadia Hilker), the potential woman of his dreams who harbors a dark secret. The closer they become, the more complicated things get. She’ll inexplicably disappear and reappear as she needs to, trying to hide what she really is.

But despite sporting some interesting ideas, Spring never quite nails the horror-comedy tone it seems to want to flip to once a lot of Louise’s secrets come out. Occasionally, the film tries to be self-aware about how silly its concept is, but the jokes feel so out of place from the tragic romance transpiring before us.

What the movie does gain points for is its solidly written leads and great use of location. The scenery is stunning and beautifully shot throughout. It still isn’t enough to push Spring to the heights of It Follows, but there will be far less interesting and original horror films out later this year. In the horror genre, it’s often enough to be original. Grade: B-

By Matt Dougherty

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