Star Wars Rebels: “Blood Sisters” Season 2 Episode 7 Review

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As Star Wars Rebels checks its boxes for characters that need more screen time, I’ve come to realize that Sabine is probably the weakest character of the crew, even after this episode. It’s s shame, there’s so much potential there. She’s Mandalorian and a former bounty hunter. The story possibilities are rich, a fact that I’m sure Dave Filoni and co. realize. But the slow burn on her character is far too slow, and she’s suffered for it.

“Blood Sisters” tells you just about everything we’re going to learn about Sabine in this episode upon her initial reunion with Ketsu Onyo, a bounty hunter after the same GNK droid the rebels are. It’s clear that they knew each other, were friends, aren’t anymore, and that Sabine took the more righteous path. A great start! From there, it seemed like the show was going to delve deeper into Sabine’s past, how she became a bounty hunter, and what motivates her to be a part of the Rebel Alliance. Sorry, not today.

Instead, the episode ends up just repeatedly telling us what they already told us. Of course Ketsu is going to come around and end up helping. Of course we’re going to see her again in a more heroic role. But there could have been so much more here. Being a big Clone Wars fan, I’m of course curious about Sabine’s parentage, but more of how the Empire affected Mandalore and made her want to leave or something would have added depth to who she is.

Perhaps the writers were hoping to expand on something they think is already there for the character. Had Rebels shown Sabine as reckless or a hot head, maybe this added depth would have worked. But there’s just not a whole lot to her character to build off of.

“Blood Sisters” should have filled in the gaps at least a little. But for everything wonderful “Wings of the Master” did for Hera, this episode did nothing for Sabine. Hopefully, Rebels will find a way to give her more depth in the show’s bigger episodes. In season three, if we get more single-character driven episodes, Sabine’s really needs to not be a waste of time. Grade: C

Some Other Notes:

  • This episode made me realize how long it’s been since we’ve seen Ahsoka. I’m all for developing this show’s core cast, but when it doesn’t work it makes me really miss one of my favorite Star Wars characters who is still so shrouded in mystery.
  • When the shootout with the Stormtroopers started, I also realized it’s been quite a while since they’ve been around too. It’s time to put the Empire back as the central antagonist.
  • At least we got a delightful little R2-D2 cameo at the end when Sabine delivered GNK droid. R2 just makes everything better.

By Matt Dougherty

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