Star Wars Rebels: “Double Agent Droid” Season 3 Episode 17 Review

For how uneven Star Wars Rebels typically is, it seems oddly fitting that after so many great episodes in a row, we’d get a truly terrible one. “Double Agent Droid” is a disaster of an episode that does little to hold onto the momentum the series was wonderfully building as of late. What it does do is provide an avenue for the Empire to figure out where the Rebels’ base is. We didn’t really need that though. I’d have believed Thrawn popping up at any time thanks to his calculative nature and how close we’ve seen him getting in recent episodes. But no, Chopper is likely going to be the straw that broke the camel’s back.

“Double Agent Droid” sees Chopper, AP-5, and Wedge Antilles (for some unknown reason) go on a mission to steal Imperial codes that’ll help the Rebellion in the battle for Lothal. Neither Rebels nor the original trilogy have successfully turned Wedge into a real character. In A New Hope, he’s a narrative device to help along Luke’s character arc. Having an old friend acknowledge that Luke made it to the Rebellion is a big moment for his personal growth, but it’s entirely Luke’s moment, not Wedge’s. While this season’s early entry “The Antilles Extraction” gave him some unnecessary backstory. It’s fan service. Having Wedge in “Double Agent Droid” is nothing more than an attempt to excite fans, rather than serving Rebels‘ larger arc this season.

As for the mission itself, there’s a lot of AP-5’s sassy drawl, which has worked well when used sporadically, but a whole episode relying on it proves to be just as annoying as one might expect. But the crux of the episode sees Chopper get compromised by a few Imperial hackers (complete with thin-framed glasses!). Once back on the Ghost, no one believes AP-5, who’s picked up on Chopper acting strangely, as Chopper goes into the ship’s cockpit to download the ship’s hyperdrive history and deliver it to the Empire. This would no doubt lead to Thrawn finding the Rebel base. So the crew, minus Kanan again this week, have to stop Chopper. Hera takes it one ridiculous step further and somehow how blows up the hackers’ ship through Chopper alone. Wait, what? I know, it’s Star Wars, I shouldn’t be thinking too hard about this stuff, but doesn’t that seem like a pretty glaring problem if the droid your hacking can be used on the other end to blow up your ship?

Whatever, we just had Sabine regain her honor, Kallus get uncovered as Fulcrum, and Mon Mothma unite the Rebellion once and for all. Rebels sadly has always been very give and take, and it’s been giving a lot lately. It’s also about to continue giving. Next week is Obi Wan’s debut and most likely his climactic duel with Maul. I wish Rebels wasn’t a show that had bad episodes, but based what this show has taught me about itself, we don’t get a bunch of great stuff without having to sit through utter crap somewhere between it all. This is our penance. If only there was another way… Grade: D

By Matt Dougherty

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