Star Wars Rebels: “Fighter Flight” Season 1 Episode 3 Review

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Ezra and Zeb go on a wild goose chase for some fruit in the latest addition to the Star Wars canon.

The third episode of Rebels focused on two characters that are already pretty strongly developed. Ezra and Zeb have had a fun back and forth since the pilot, which continued in the second episode that once again gave them the meatiest material.

So while this third entry is a ton of fun, I can’t help but wish we would spend more time with Hera or Sabine. These two have gotten some great lines and moments, but just about every story so far has focused on Ezra and Zeb, aside from the fantastic Kanan arc in the pilot.

When Chopper and Ezra wake Zeb, they make a mess of the Ghost’s cargo. Hera’s punishment is to send them on a shopping trip to find a fruit they aren’t expected to be able to find.

Once in town, they actually do manage to find the fruit, but the Empire bought the last crate. Unable to resist, the pair rough up some stormtroopers and try to get the fruit. Well, one thing leads to another and they end up stealing a TIE Fighter. As cockamamie as this plot was, Fighter Flight was such a fun entry. Rebels proved that a solid comedy heavy episode can work.

Things get a bit more serious when friends of Ezra’s deceased parents become prisoners of the Empire. Using their new ride and the Force, Zeb and Ezra free them in an exciting, although brief, action sequence.

The pair then ditch the TIE Fighter and return to the Ghost. The final interactions involving Chopper and Sabine were a little too cartoonish, but it didn’t take away from what was a much more lighthearted type of storytelling than we’re used to in the Star Wars universe. That is, it was actually good lighthearted storytelling, unlike that middle section of Return of the Jedi and every part of Phantom Menace that wasn’t about trade routes. Grade: B

By Matt Dougherty

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