Star Wars Rebels: “Homecoming” Season 2 Episode 15 Review

Depending on what you consider filler for this series, “Homecoming” may have just looked like another add-on to a batch of episodes that have nothing to do with season two’s primary goals. That is definitely partially true, but then there’s this sense of the Empire finally being used again as a formidable foe and some clever development for Hera. Is this a season-saving episode? No, but it is a step in the right direction.

With the Rebellion losing pilots left and right in skirmishes with the Empire, Hera is forced to re-open communications with her estranged father, Cham Syndulla of Star Wars: The Clone WarsRebels has always given us the impression that these characters are loners for a reason, the most obvious cases being Ezra, Kanan, and Zeb. But delving into and pretty much fully revealing just how Hera wound up on the Ghost was a bigger step for the character than the show has dared to give to Sabine. But Cham also had a stronger characterization than many of Rebels‘ guest stars. He carried himself, as Hera does, as a true leader. Even without seeing the episodes of The Clone Wars he appeared in (which is two, one of which is solid with the other being completely forgettable), he has a presence that paints him as a worthy leader to the Ryloth rebel cell. It’s also immediately clear why Hera left.

As it turns out, Cham’s way of fighting the Empire is almost petty. He’s fighting for his world, and that’s admirable enough, but given the chance to improve the galaxy as a whole, he’s got other plans. The mission is to steal an Imperial carrier to house all the rebel fighters. It was a great way to get the entire team in on the action for once. Sabine and Zeb took on Cham’s cohorts in the hanger, while Kanan and Ezra used the Force in some very cool ways to clear the halls. Then it was all Hera trying to appeal to her father’s reason. A lesser episode of Rebels would have saved this for another episode way off in the distant future, as every other tiny subplot has been of late. But Cham comes to his daughter’s aid. This mission is successful, and Ryloth is officially part of the larger Rebellion.

With such a narrow focus and an actual narrative arc, “Homecoming” definitely felt complete, where most recent episodes left random strands dangling. While it would have been nice to see the larger Ryloth resistance rallying on their home world in some way, the rekindled father/daughter relationship for Hera will do for now. Grade: B+

Some Other Notes:

  • The lack of the Lasat world and now Ryloth makes me wonder how stingy Disney is being with the budget for this show. Star Wars: The Clone Wars never had this problem.
  • Since Rebels has given us virtually zero scenes of Kanan training Ezra recently, it was great to see it in practice on a mission, with Ezra successfully pulling off a Jedi mind trick.
  • Cham wasn’t the Clone Wars character reappearing in this episode. The little girl named Numa that two clones accompanied to safety during that same Ryloth battle was one of Cham’s crew. Random, but cool.

By Matt Dougherty


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  1. Nota Real says:

    While I agree budget is definitely less than Clone Wars, Clone wars usually had multi-episode arcs that probs made it cheaper to create worlds rather than one every episode as might need be in Rebels.

    Also liking your reviews btw …

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