Star Wars Rebels: “Idiot’s Array” Season 1 Episode 10 Review

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Classic Star Wars characters have appeared before, but none of them honestly felt as shameless as this one. Idiot’s Array was about Lando Calrissian (Billy Dee Williams reprising his role) and nothing else.

The pilot movie had a hologram of Obi Wan, with another of Darth Vader later added in, neither of which was integral to our introduction to Rebels, merely serving as reminders that this is in fact Star Wars. C-3PO and R2-D2’s use in Droids in Distress hardly took away from the cast of Rebels getting fleshed out; the plug with Bail Organa at the end indicated much bigger things in the future for these characters. The use of Yoda’s voice in Path of the Jedi, the previous episode to this one, was incredibly well done, continuing the show’s return to a more mystical interpretation of the Force while giving our two Jedi some sage advice.

While Idiot’s Array mostly succeeded in bringing Lando to life once more, it would have been nice had the crew of the Ghost felt at all significant throughout the episode. After Zeb loses a bet against Lando, the smuggler comes aboard and starts delivering orders. Having lost Chopper in the bet, Lando is able to get the crew to do just about whatever he wants, in this case, carrying some cargo to supplier.

First, to steal the cargo from a gangster, Lando trades Hera for it. No, this version of Lando wasn’t very likable. Considering where we meet him in Empire Strikes Back, that’s pretty much okay. This did give Hera the rare chance to be a badass outside of the cockpit. Her solo escape was the highlight of the episode.

With everyone back on the Ghost, the cargo is revealed to be a puffer-pig, which was very much an Avatarish combination of animals, throwing together a piglet and a pufferfish. When it gets scared and expands to take up the entire corridor, the crew have to take up positions they aren’t used to. Sabine guns while Kanan pilots, for example.

But the final confrontation occurs when the gangster confronts Lando and the crew on Lothal. The heroes win, Lando says “We’ll meet again!” and the episode ends without any real significance to anything going on on Rebels right now. This is the type of guest appearance you would expect from a once powerful show struggling to get ratings in a later season. Instead, it’s about halfway through the show’s first season. This is concerning for RebelsGrade: C+

Notes from the Outer Rim:

– This being five years before A New Hope, I’m not exactly sure how old that makes Lando, but he was certainly getting a little creepy with the teenage Sabine. I’m on Ezra’s side.

– Speaking of Ezra, how cool was the makeshift gun on the lightsaber he built for himself? With that, he no longer has to be the Bart Simpson of Star Wars!

– So, Lando is obviously younger here than in Empire Strikes Back, but Billy Dee Williams is obviously way older, and he really sounds it. This wasn’t nearly as smooth of a return as Frank Oz’s in Path of the Jedi.

– The way Lando was worked into the story, it wouldn’t really be a stretch at all for Han and Chewwy to show up. Now there’s a shameless plug-in I’d like to see! Maybe. I’m down for Rebels to just be Rebels for a while.


By Matt Dougherty

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