Star Wars Rebels: “Iron Squadron” Season 3 Episode 7 Review

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Another season of Star Wars Rebels, another uneven set of episodes that mostly feel like filler. “Iron Squadron” feels mind-numbingly inconsequential. The new characters it introduces don’t feel original, with Mart, the leader of the titular group, being little more than an Ezra clone, something the show was clearly aware about as Zeb quips pretty much exactly that. There’s no significant growth for any of the main characters. All that really came from this episode is an ignited rivalry between Thrawn and Sato, something that could blossom into greatness as the war escalates.

Coming across a lone freighter successfully taking on the Empire, the Ghost meets Iron Squadron, led by Sato’s nephew Mart, a cocky group of teenagers that think they’re invincible. Hera, Ezra, and the others implore them to reconsider. They don’t, then they’re shown by the Empire that they can be overwhelmed. It’s as basic an episode as Rebels has ever produced. The action is fine, but nothing special, while the emotional components just aren’t there.

Mart’s reunion with Sato at the end is meant to carry more weight than it does. I like that Rebels is aiming to flesh out this leader in the Rebellion a bit, but an episode based around baby steps like these will never work. Really, “Iron Squadron” is an entry that, if you napped through it, the season would be virtually unaffected. I’m sure Mart will have an expanded role down the line, and that’s fine, but hopefully Rebels interweaves his purpose with the stories of the main characters next time. Grade: C-

By Matt Dougherty

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