Star Wars Rebels: “Legacy” Season 2 Episode 10 Review

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In its last episode of 2015, Star Wars Rebels addressed a longstanding mystery. But with the results, its a wonder why the show introduced it as a mystery at all.

At the end of “Legacy,” Ezra finds out from an escaped Imperial prisoner, who was formerly the Governor of Lothal, that his parents are in fact dead. This had to be the end result. Ezra’s parents being alive would likely undermine his familial relationship with Kanan and Hera. Him having raised himself, with a bitterness toward the Empire, is also a huge part of who Ezra is.

I liked the idea when it was introduced last season that only now that Ezra had the means to figure out what happened to his parents, thanks to the other rebels, he was going to get the truth. But it should have ended right then and there. Extending the reveal by a full season was a mistake. That’s not to say it was all bad, however. I have to admit, Ezra crying in Kanan’s embrace at the news of his long-dead parents got me a little misty-eyed. The moments after, where he saw his parents standing next to him, talking to him, was powerful as well. I just wish there wasn’t yet another episode devoted to this false possibility.

Getting there though, was a much more enjoyable affair. With the Seventh Sister’s recording from last week’s episode, the Empire is able to find the temporary base of operations of the rebels. The entire escape was very exciting. Ezra’s one on one face-off with Agent Kallus was especially cheer-worthy. I also loved how Hera took command of the rebel fleet, putting her new promotion to good use.

So all in all, this is still an enjoyable episode for the series. Ezra needed to hear this information, but the timing was just pretty off. Star Wars Rebels isn’t a show that needs to be a slow burn. Grade: B

Some Other Notes:

  • So far, season two of Rebels mostly seems to just be getting its ducks in a row. Now with a heavily expanded supporting cast and some lingering mysteries already dealt with, hopefully the show will come back in 2016 with a renewed focus.
  • This show so brilliantly makes Ezra still look clumsy with his lightsaber while being badass.
  • Will Sabine get to do anything of note this season besides get a hollow backstory? Seriously, we saw a ton of Zeb last week, why couldn’t Sabine be on the guns just to see her in action or give her some lines?
  • So, this is the last episode of Rebels before The Force Awakens. Well, folks, whatever happens next week, may the Force be with us all. Look for our review Thursday night. See you on the other side.

By Matt Dougherty

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