Star Wars Rebels: “Legends of Lasat” Season 2 Episode 13 Review

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As season two of Star Wars Rebels slowly chugs along, we’re apparently getting another round of episodes centered on one character. That’s fine and good, especially since Zeb really needed the development he was given in “Legends of Lasat.” But what is season two really about? Here we are more than halfway through the season and I can’t say I have a clue. Rebels has gone the way of “villain of the week.” You could really order season two’s episodes however you wanted after Rex and the Inquisitors were introduced. There’s no forward momentum right now, downplaying the significance of what was honestly a pretty good episode.

“Legends of Lasat” showed us more members of a race than the previously alone Zeb. It was also a nice touch to have Hondo there to inject a little humor into some pretty serious material. The episode asks us to immediately care about Zeb and his species, but I can’t remember the last time it asked us to, making it more difficult.

What was definitely very cool was seeing how the Lasat interact with the Force. It was a nice touch for them to just call it something else. The elder’s prophecy seemed tacky at first, but it was smart to put Zeb in the role of the child. Rebels has frequently showed Kanan and Hera talking to him just as they do Ezra, as if he’s their son. This episode forced Zeb to acknowledge that and then grow out of it. Using the energy in his bow rifle to tap into the Force and guide his people to their new home, Zeb’s overall story on this series got some much needed direction.

And what a beautiful way to portray this journey. The use of color as the Ghost moved toward the collapsed star combine with an unusual score made up of powerful strings made for quite a sight. Having Agent Kallus right on their tail made it pretty intense as well. This new application for the Force was a really cool way to expand the Star Wars universe, and it was done with a similar sense of beauty and awe to what we experienced when Yoda lifted the X-wing out of the swamp in Empire Strikes Back.

But upon reaching the new home for the Lasat, Rebels once again stops short of going all the way. Zeb returns to the Ghost and informs the crew that the planet was actually populated by Lasats. So there’s not just three, there’s a whole planet of ’em. Seems like a missed opportunity to not show the planet and the three supposed final members of their species as they return to their culture. That could have been a huge emotional payoff. But no, we get Ezra complaining about how long they’ve been waiting for Zeb instead. The feeling that something is being held back is a common one for fans of Rebels. It’s only growing more infuriating as the weeks go by. Grade: B

Some Other Notes:

  • Rebels seriously needs to deliver a knockout episode soon. The last truly outstanding episode we got was “The Future of the Force,” and even that has since soured due to the lack of anything happening. Fans need to be reminded what this show is like at its best or it’ll soon fade from the part of the canon people actually pay attention to. It has become so frustrating how Rebels seems fine with just being a good show when it’s showed us it can be a great one.
  • The dying star Zeb guided the Ghost through looked like the one Hugh Jackman entered in The Fountain. Both were mysterious and beautiful.
  • I know this isn’t actually a continuation of Star Wars: The Clone Wars, but a little more Ahsoka or Rex would be nice. They don’t have to take over the show from the Ghost crew, but, you know, if you’re going to bring back beloved characters, use them.

By Matt Dougherty

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