Star Wars Rebels: “Out of Darkness” Season 1 Episode 6 Review

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Two characters that have mostly sat by the sidelines on Rebels thus far were given a chance to shine this week. It’s too bad their mini-adventure was, well, mini.

Hera and Sabine have both had great moments on this series so far, but neither have really had their own storyline yet. Out of the Darkness fixes that by giving the two female crew members on the Ghost a tag-team mission.

When Ezra, Zeb, and Chopper fail to properly repair the Ghost’s shuttle, Hera and Sabine unknowingly take it to pick up a shipment for Hera’s mysterious contact Fulcrum. Sabine’s curiosity as to who this person was matched our own. The way Hera spoke about it certainly made it sound like a major Rebel contact. Could it be Bail Organa?

I like the idea that the Rebellion is slowly forming around the Ghost, without them directly starting it. Once the Galactic Civil War starts, I’m sure these characters will partake, but for now some clever seed planting is fine by me.

As for the rest of this mission, the monsters in the dark deal was on the boring side, nor were they that interesting looking. As far as stopping them goes, Hera and Sabine’s plot to blow them up in waves as they come after them was a little boring, kind of like watching your friend play a video game.

I also would have much rather seen these two work out a way to get back to the Ghost on their own, rather than everyone coming to save them. Outside of this ho-hum conflict, giving Hera and Sabine a chance to work together to solve their predicament would have been a much stronger way to develop them rather then them calling the boys for help.

This made Out of Darkness the weakest entry of Rebels yet. We did get an intriguing mystery and some much needed screentime for Hera and Sabine, but their presence ultimately just didn’t deliver. Considering how well Ezra and Zeb work together, this is something of a disappointment. Hopefully a more rewarding chapter featuring Hera and Sabine is soon on the horizon. Grade: B-

By Matt Dougherty

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