Star Wars Rebels: “Rebel Resolve” Season 1 Episode 13 Review

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As the first part of a two-part finale, “Rebel Resolve” is an effective set-up for what’s to come. While not the most exciting entry, it put the pieces into place for an epic rescue mission to close out the season.

With Kanan in the clutches of the Empire, the crew of the Ghost is without a leader. Ezra’s journey over the course of the season from aloof teenager to a strong member of the team really paid off this week. After Fulcrum advises Hera to go into hiding with her team for the higher cause, Ezra takes matters into his own hands.

With the rest of the crew on his side, we unfortunately end up with a glorified fetch-quest. Approaching Vizago, the rebels have to go eye for an eye and agree to steal some Imperial astromechs to gain information. This information conveniently includes prisoner data. This puts Chopper, with a fresh paint job, at the center of attention. For the penultimate episode of the season, this didn’t make for the most exciting mission.

After gaining the intel, Hera enters a brief space battle with an Imperial cruiser. They grab Chopper, after an awesome escape, and head back down to an analyze the information.  They learn that if they don’t rescue Kanan in time, he’ll be transferred to Mustafar, where “Jedi go to die” and Anakin finally completed his transformation into Darth Vader. It’s unclear whether the finale will actually make it to the lava world or if the rebels will rescue Kanan on the Imperial cruiser first. Let’s hope for the latter to spice things up a bit and get off of Lothal.

“Rebel Resolve” was a fine episode. It certainly doesn’t feel like we’re close to a finale though, which illustrates a larger problem with Rebels as a whole: the lack of stakes. The series has taken a slow burn approach to revealing big things like Fulcrum’s identity and the start of the actual Rebellion, and it has suffered for that. Not all these problems can be fixed in the season finale, but hopefully an exciting finish will put the writers on the right path for a superb second season. Grade: B


Some Other Notes From the Outer Rim:

– Long scene with Fulcrum as a hologram this week. We better find out who they are in the season finale (please be Ahsoka, please be Ahsoka…).

– Kanan only had a few torture scenes with Tarkin and the Inquisitor, but they didn’t seem all that terrible. Kanan could have struggled a little more to raise the stakes.

– For a split second, I thought Zeb was going to accidentally remove the head of the droid they kidnapped to reveal that it was R2-D2 under cover.

– Contributing to the slowness of the season is how Disney XD has chosen to roll out the remaining episodes since the New Year. There’s been a new episode essentially every two weeks, which is just too long. Now, the finale won’t air for two weeks and won’t appear online a week early like virtually every other episode of the season. That hurts a two-parter like this. Season two of Rebels will supposedly have a full 22 episodes, which will hopefully even out the time between them.


By Matt Dougherty

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