Star Wars Rebels Season 2 Gets a Trailer!

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It just doesn’t stop this Star Wars Celebration weekend! Hot off the heels of the Force Awakens trailer, a long preview of Star Wars Rebels has been revealed.

The trailer starts with a very quick mash-up of your typical mission with the Ghost. But then comes Darth Vader, voiced by none other than James Earl Jones himself. Season one of Rebels was a little removed from the larger Star Wars universe. That doesn’t look to be the case with season two.

Immediately after we see him, there are shots of a building Rebel fleet. There are no X-Wings yet, but we’re certainly close. Especially as Vader’s TIE fighter barrels through the Rebels’ fleet to the tune of the classic Imperial March. Vader is punishing Ezra’s home planet of Lothal for the crew’s actions. Hera says that means it’s time to leave.

But it looks like the crew might have a new member, as Ahsoka Tano, Vader’s former apprentice from Star Wars: The Clone Wars looks to tag along.

And then there’s another big surprise for Clone Wars fans, Rex!! The clone captain that pioneered giving a voice to the warriors is somehow back. Executive producer Dave Filoni teased during the panel that he somehow avoided Order 66 and escaped. But we’ve now got Ahsoka AND Rex for season two! Later in the trailer, Hondo shows up! Rebels‘ second season could be a long-awaited Clone Wars reunion.

But with new heroes come new villains, as there appear to be two replacements for the Inquisitor for when Darth Vader isn’t around to fight the rebels.

The trailer ends with Vader very quickly subduing Kanan, only to move on to Ezra. Could Ahsoka be the one to save them? That’s a reunion sure to be an emotional one.

Star Wars Rebels season two will air on Disney XD later this year. Check out the trailer below!

By Matt Dougherty

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