Star Wars Rebels: “Stealth Strike” Season 2 Episode 8 Review

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“Stealth Strike” was a very fun homage to A New Hope, but didn’t quite move the characters forward enough for it to feel different enough.

When Ezra and Commander Sato are pulled out of hyperspace by a new Imperial weapon that can do that, it ends up being up to Kanan and Rex to rescue the Jedi padawan and Rebel leader. This being the rockiest relationship on the series at the moment, Rebels needed a reason to resolve their issues. What follows is a recreation of Han and Luke saving Leia on the Death Star. Kanan and Rex suit up in Stormtrooper armor to infiltrate the ship. They argue a lot, just as Han and Luke did. While it’s all very fun, the episode relies on this homage a little too heavily.

Once reunited with Ezra, they need to shut down the weapon and escape, just like Obi Wan shutting down the tractor beam on the Death Star. Ezra is of course nothing compared to Ben Kenobi, but his lightsaber skills have gotten awesome. His charge down the hallway to take out a group of Stormtroopers was a highlight of the episode, as was his and Chopper’s antics while shutting down the weapon.

Meanwhile, Rex tells Kanan and the others to go on without him when they get caught in a sticky situation. This causes our Jedi hero to rethink his disdain for the clone and go back to save him. I wish all the dialogue here wasn’t so heavy handed, but the point is to get Kanan and Rex all buddy buddy by the end and that works.

Otherwise, this episode didn’t offer a whole lot else. But a fun homage to A New Hope is far from the worst way to spend half an hour in front of the TV. I just hope we actually see a difference in Kanan and Rex’s dynamic after this. If not, this episode will definitely be seen as a bit of a waste. But until I’ve proven wrong, fun supersedes anxiety about the future. Grade: B+

By Matt Dougherty

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