Star Wars Rebels: “The Antilles Extraction” Season 3 Episode 3 Review

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Of season three so far, “The Antilles Extraction” was the most standard Rebels episode. There was a singular mission involving just one of the main characters interacting with a recognizable figure from the films. This is Rebels at its most comfortable and it felt like it. The episode didn’t reach any uncharted territory until its third act, but was otherwise fun.

Though, I have to say, I continue to be disappointed with this show’s handling of Sabine. “The Antilles Extraction” had the Ghost’s least developed crew member front and center and really didn’t do anything with that. Which, sadly, just means this episode was about getting Wedge Antilles into the mix rather than developing the core elements of the series. That’s not great no matter who the singular mission involves, but with Sabine in particular, it just feels like another wasted opportunity.

The set up makes sense. Sabine used to be in the Imperial Academy, so she should be the one to go undercover to rescue Wedge and the other cadets that want to defect from the Empire. The first 15 minutes or so of the episode keep things going a little too well for anything to be interesting, but then the base characteristics of Rebels are enjoyable enough that the episode stays afloat until the stakes get raised. After a failed escape attempt, Sabine, Wedge, and another future rebel are detained by the Empire. Only then does “The Antilles Extraction” gain some life. Sabine has to fight her way out of captivity and rescue the others, which ends up being a really fun turn of events. But the biggest character moment of the episode comes further in their escape, when Agent Kallus aids the rebels. The new Fulcrum’s voice sounds all too much like Kallus anyway, which made this moment all but confirmation that the villain will be switching sides sometime soon. After last season’s revealing “The Honorable Ones,” it makes sense. Though the official reveal hopefully won’t be as restrained as the main characters’ backstories.

Still, “The Antilles Extraction” had enough moments that evolved the overall arc of Rebels to be worthwhile. It’s exciting to see a face like Wedge Antilles entering the Rebellion, all while Kallus looks to make a game-changing shift in allegiances. There was even enough time to show Ezra’s impatient tendencies while Kanan did his best to instruct him otherwise. It’s just a shame that Sabine remains a weak link in the main cast, even after an episode that featured her as prominently as this one. Grade: B

By Matt Dougherty

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