Star Wars Rebels: “The Call” Season 2 Episode 14 Review

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Oh, did you want another filler episode? No? Too bad, that’s just what we got this week.

Let’s be real, Star Wars Rebels is dovetailing. A season that opened with such promise has crumbled under the sheer amount of episodes it was forced to deliver. “The Call” is little more than a reminder that Ezra is especially connected to the Force in terms of communicating with nature. When the Ghost needs fuel and runs into a pod of whale squids — sorry, Purrgills, it’s do or die to get the fuel cells while the mining guild tries to shoot them down.

While the visual of Kanan, Ezra, Sabine, and Chopper diving down to the asteroid was very cool, this episode lacked just about everything else that used to make this show great. The team’s quips at each other have gotten repetitive, there was no solid villain to raise the stakes, and no character moments significant enough to make things feel worth it. The simple fact is, “The Call” is just another episode from season two of Rebels that feels entirely insignificant to whatever the main goal of this season has been. Yes, we see again how Ezra can control large creatures. Instead, why not skip the whole episode and do a “previously on..” when this information is going to be important again?

This show is running in circles around itself, twiddling its thumbs for the inevitable Ahsoka vs. Darth Vader that’s sure to end the season. Right now, with the general lack of Ahsoka this season, that fight will be relying entirely on leftover tension from Star Wars: The Clone Wars. And when that almost inevitable disappointment comes, we’re supposed to look back on “The Call” and be completely satisfied that these guys saved the whale squids. Nope. Grade: C

Some Other Notes:

  • The grade wasn’t lower because it’s actually a pretty neat notion that Purrgills may be responsible for how the ancients figured out hyperspace. Just like Ezra, the universe as a whole may be more connected and reliant on nature than a planet like Coruscant might suggest.
  • Also, the general design of the Purrgills was really lovely. If they were in 2D animation, they’d fit right in with the endless list of creatures Avatar: The Last Airbender is responsible for making us wish were real. Hence why I called them whale squids throughout the review.
  • The lack of Ahsoka would be far less annoying if the writers would actually give our main characters more interesting things to do.

By Matt Dougherty

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