Star Wars Rebels: “The Forgotten Droid” Season 2 Episode 18 Review

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Faced with the end of the season, Star Wars Rebels now has to make up for the time it spent on filler. Of course, after the seminal and just utterly fantastic “Shroud of Darkness,” we need to take a step back. Well, “The Forgotten Droid” is two, maybe three steps back. It provides us with a solution to one of the season’s two big problems, but does so in the most roundabout way I can possibly imagine.

In need of fuel, the Ghost lands on an Imperial controlled world to fill up and fly out real quick. Chopper gets distracted by a leg at a vendor that matches one of his that he can use to replace his other one with. It was amusing to essentially see  the climax of a Rebels episode take place behind a distracted Chopper. But with the droid left behind on his own, the dark truth settles in: this entire episode is going to focus on Chopper.

The result could have been worse, frankly, but it was by no means good. Once Chopper is aboard an Imperial transport, the episode becomes something of a remake of “The Honorable Ones.” Meeting a droid working for the Empire, AP-5, these two have to settle their differences and work together to achieve a common goal. We saw this two episodes ago with two characters with way more legitimate room to grow. But AP-5 is a means to an end, delivering coordinates to a system the rebels can inhabit without Imperial interference. It was neat to know Chopper was a droid during the Clone Wars, but little tidbits like this can’t carry an episode, a lesson Rebels has yet to learn with some of its lesser developed characters (read: Sabine).

So while “The Forgotten Droid” does finally give this early version of the Rebellion a base of operations, its methods of getting there made this a trivial, repetitive episode that really didn’t do anything interesting. Chopper is not a character we need to see the show focus on again anytime soon. For where this season is likely going, there could have been so much more strong character development for the main crew or even Ahsoka. But here we are, two episodes left and ready to just jump back into the thick of things. Disney XD would be smart to trim the episode count for season three. Grade: C-

By Matt Dougherty

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