Star Wars Rebels: “The Future of the Force” Season 2 Episode 9 Review

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Since 1977, there have been good days and bad days to be a Star Wars fan. Today, dear readers, was a very good day.

After the dark opening scene where the two inquisitors kidnapped a baby and murdered a bunch of people led to the somber score of the Rebels title card, I knew we were in for something special. And then the Ahsoka theme from Star Wars: The Clone Wars played over the establishing shot of the very next scene, and it was confirmed that I was right. As Kanan put it, as happy as we all are to see her, this most definitely spells trouble.

Trouble came as it turns out the Empire is after Force-sensitive children all across the galaxy. It makes sense. With the Rebel Alliance growing and including two known former Jedi, a new Jedi Order would be a real threat to the Empire. Not to mention that they’ll probably need more inquisitors down the road. So Ahsoka sends Kanan, Ezra, and Zeb on a mission to save a child, while she investigates another mysterious case.

I was surprised to see Rebels give us scenes with Ahsoka by herself after they’ve kept her in the background for so long. Of course, the majority of the episode was still spent with our chief characters, which was the right move considering how intense things got.

Aside from a few too cutesy moments with the babies, “The Future of the Force” was very intense. These inquisitors haven’t quite proved themselves as formidable a force as last season’s was, but their presence is hardly comforting. Moments like the Fifth Brother stabbing the ceiling as Ezra desperately tries to get away were both exciting and haunting. I also like that Kanan can probably take one of them on, but not both.

Upon reaching their checkpoint, the inquisitors manage to defeat each rebel once after the other. But just as all seems lost, the doors open and Anakin’s old apprentice ignites her two lightsabers. This is the moment those of us who also loved The Clone Wars have been waiting for. The ensuing duel was awesome. Ahsoka is just as strong as she should be without being over-powered. Without a legion of Stormtroopers before her, the inquisitors would be done for. After seeing her grow from a padawan to a formidable Jedi, now she’s the master. What a reward for longtime viewers!

It was the icing on the cake of an already excellent episode. Where this will take us in the remainder of season two of Star Wars Rebels is a mystery. But as the crew of the Ghost continues to get more noticed by the ever-intimidating Empire, Ahsoka is one of the few shining lights that point toward the Rebellion that will eventually succeed in taking out two Death Stars. How’s that for a connection that spans the entire saga? Grade: A

Some Other Notes:

  • I was happy Ahsoka brought up the early season two arc of Star Wars: The Clone Wars where this exact thing happens (Sidious commissions bounty hunter Cad Bane to hunt Force-sensitive children). For fans of both, it was a bit of an elephant in the room, but luckily it makes sense in both eras, even more so in this one.
  • Ezra is growing more confident in his Jedi abilities as of late. It’s time to let him loose on the Empire.
  • Ahsoka’s lightsabers are white as opposed to the green and yellow ones she carried in The Clone Wars. An unnecessary but interesting change. They do fit her angelic appearance at the beginning of the fight.

By Matt Dougherty

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