Star Wars Rebels: “The Wynkahthu Job” Season 3 Episode 8 Review

Three seasons in and Star Wars Rebels still doesn’t know how to fill the gaps between it’s bigger episodes. Like last week’s meaningless “Iron Squadron,” “The Wynkahthu Job” does little to advance the season’s overall storylines, though it does feature some more interesting character dynamics amongst the crew of the Ghost. Plus, Hondo is in it, which is always good to make an episode just slightly more entertaining.

We start with Ezra and the crew teaming up with Hondo and Azmorigan in raiding an unmanned Imperial cargo ship, which supposedly carries proton bombs and, to Hondo’s liking, treasure. From the start, it’s clear that this episode is going to be pretty run of the mill, refusing to tackle the building of the Rebellion, Thrawn, Maul, or any of Sabine’s backstory. But there are a few key things in the layout of the episode that work, chief among them Hera putting Zeb in charge over Ezra. As Kanan points out, Ezra needs to learn that Hondo isn’t the trustworthy source he thinks he is, but a selfish pirate who sees only what Ezra has to gain for him (even if he does legitimately like him).

But season three has barely given Zeb a single moment of individuality or growth in these first eight episodes, so even just watching him lead a mission, refusing to let Ezra get under his skin and trying to keep all the mission’s pieces intact, signified some light character growth from the immature “older brother” Zeb has previously played within the crew. It didn’t amount to a whole lot, as Ezra still had to save him once the Imperial sentry droids attacked.

Speaking of, I can’t remember a more boring climax to an episode. The villains of the episode turn out to be what are essentially four large battle droids. There’s no sense that they’re more powerful than anything Rex, Kanan, and Ezra faced in “The Last Battle,” which just makes it all the more frustrating that Ezra doesn’t just cut the four droids up with his lightsaber. It’s hard to even see what the writers/animators were going for here, but it just fails so spectacularly.

The episode ends with Ezra seemingly learning his lesson about Hondo, which is an arc the show never really needed to place within his overall character arc. But it’s fine, this episode did also give us some of Ezra’s darker qualities for the first time in a while. With an episode surrounding the Force seemingly on the horizon before the show goes on its holiday hiatus, it’s a welcome reminder of where the young padawan stands on his path. Still, it could have been in an episode that had a lot more substance or significance to anything the show has been setting up. It’s sad that these middling mid-season episodes have become something of a tradition for RebelsGrade: C+

By Matt Dougherty

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